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A global ageing population is something that societies need to consider when catering of older people’s needs. It has been forecast that, by 2050, the number of people classified as old in the world could rise over 2 billion (ONS, 2013; World Population Ageing Report, 2009). Such a demographic shift means that this age group is of considerable interest to retailers and it is important that any research that is undertaken takes into consideration dimensions such as transportation service, social care and pension systems could be improved. 

Aim objectives & Questions

This project aimed to investigate challenges and difficulties that elderly consumers currently face during their supermarket shopping process within a cross-cultural context, and in turn to understand the way in which supermarket service and environment design can improve elderly consumers’ shopping experience in the UK and China.There are four objectives and two research questions in the project.


In order to achieve the research aim and objectives, the project has been carried out through four Work Packages (WP), each of which made a milestone in the project.


The previous research was based on results from a 2-year research programme in 2013, that looked at the challenges and difficulties that elderly consumers face during their supermarket shopping. The study took a cross-cultural design perspective and with results from UK and China. In our last exhibition, we displayed the key findings with several newly designed and developed product concepts for improving the elderly consumers’ shopping experience. 

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