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Shopping Story 1: Mr & Mrs Zhang

Mr&Mrs Zhang are in their earlier 70s. They live in a town named Fuling near Chongqing. As there is no supermarket near where they live, they always go shopping at open markets or traditional markets. They usually conduct grocery shopping 3-4 times a week. They take shopping as good opportunities for exercises as they always walk to the markets and walk back to home after shopping. The video shows how Mrs Zhang was shopping at a traditional market in her daily life.

Shopping Store 2: Mr Hu
Mr Hu, 73 years old. He lives with his wife in Nanjing. He usually conducts grocery shopping at supermarkets. As he is not very good at selecting vegetables, his shopping is more focused on non-fresh items such as soya sauce or shampoo. His wife is responsible for fresh items, for in- stance, vegetables or meat. He enjoys cooking together with his wife. In order to keep fit, he does exercise at a park every morning. He also interests in health-related TV programmes, such as cooking and healthy diet TV shows. The video shows how Mr Hu was shopping at a large supermarket in Nanjing.


Shopping Story 3: Mr Wang
Mr Zhang, 70 years old, lives together with his wife in Qingdao. He conducts most of his grocery shopping at open markets near where he lives. He does not have a plan for his shopping and only purchases what he needs for the day, as he prefers fresh foods. He usually walks to markets and spends around 1 hour for shopping. After diners, he likes to company his wife for square dance exercise in the early evening. The video shows how Mr Wang was shopping at open markets in Qingdao.


Shopping Story 4: Mrs Sun
Mrs Sun, 68 years old, widowed for many years. She lives together with her children. She has a very regular life routine. She gets up at 5 am for morning exercise and then prepare for break- fast around 6 am everyday. She likes watching TV, especially for news and health-related programmes. She goes shopping every day to buy food materials for daily meals. She always takes a wheelie trolley with her for shopping. The video shows how Mrs Sun was shopping at a supermarket in Qingdao.

Shopping Stoires

Shopping Stoires
Story 1:Mr & Mrs Zhang
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Story 2: Mr Hu
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Story 3: Mr Wang
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Story 4: Mrs Sun
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Four Shopping Stories of Older Chinese Customers
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